Monday, May 16, 2016

Promenade in Green

When I go by Baltimore,
Leave no carpet on the floor.
Come along and follow me.
We'll go down to Galilee. 

Green, green rocky road
Promenade in green
Tell me who ya love,
Tell me who ya love.

No deep thought will follow but very happy happenings will!
I had this song playing in the car (Green, Green Rocky Road) when I saw a woman really wearing green top to bottom passing by! I was very delighted! I was smiling so big that the cars around me thought I was crazy (rightfully so!). 
I could not stop thinking about how little coincidences can leave one so genuinely pleased till another one happened! and it was green too: The two lovely people I work with were absent today (not a very lovely thing) and work was rather busy, especially for someone who does not multitask like me! I wanted to join the rest for the coffee break but I ended up staying inside dreaming about a good cup of iced coffee (it was very hot today!) when suddenly I see a beautiful lady passing by my window holding in her hand a sweaty and wonderful green logo-ed Starbucks cup! I immediately started plotting how if she gets in I will make her forget it on my desk and I start monologue-ing out my amazing speech that will make her forget the world... no! I sort of guessed that it was one of the doing of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Monday! And indeed it was for me! Her mindfulness was so touching! A gift in need is a gift indeed (or something like that...)!  I wanted to thank her deeply but I ended up telling her a story! And she was such a gracious listener that I felt that I needed to thank her for that too - I thought oh dear me! I am getting into a thankful spiral- a beautiful thing to fall into! 
All these green happening made me joyful! After all we are in May! In Spring!
 The season to be "twitterpated"!!

Election Stain

Last Sunday I was supposed to be practicing my amazing powerful right of electing my representatives! But the two lists competing for municipal roles (in the far end of the world) got into a sort of agreement that they split the six years duration between them, three each. There was, though another election that I was able to participate in, picking the person who will the official paper work in my far far away village!! The process is rather systematic but it was still very fascinating for someone who have been denied the right to vote for so long! At the end, after putting your choice in a box, you sign and then dip your finger in a sort of ink bottle that keep your thumb stained for almost a week no matter how hard you try to remove it! This got me thinking of  two stains one can get... the stain of sin : I thought I really do not want to joke with that! I mean it can really corrupt! My thumb was truly ugly for a few days! I did not want my soul to be like that not even a little tiny thumb in it! But the second stain that the election ink got me thinking about is the Blood of the Lamb and the name of the Father written on the foreheads  of those who follow Him... It was reassuring to know that the bad stain a sin makes can be removed by Him but trying to remove that little fingertip ink and seeing how hard of a work it was left me realizing how deep the effect of the Lord Blood shed was! Not that I used to take it for granted, I was always in awe at His wonderful work of salvation but sometimes one small thing can make you understand a much deeper truth.... Purifying me was not an easy work and I will do my best, by His grace, not to make Him work more (one can always dream and hope!)... I was so happy my thumb was looking normal again!